What is moocomic.com? moocomic.com is the story of Moo Cow. The story begins just as Moo Cow has begun a journey to save an ailing friend. The first stop on this journey is the mysterous Emerald City. But it seems that Moo Cow is not the only one with cow-spotted luggage.
Will Moo Cow survive Emerald City? And will Emerald City survive Moo Cow?
When are new comics posted? Updates should be every Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday at noon PST. NOTE: Now with Saturdays as well.
Why do you hate me? Huh?
Where are all the undead? Moo Cow frequently has to deal with evil zombies, but they aren't currently scheduled until Chapter 2.
Does Moo Cow have Real Ultimate Power? No. Someone might, though.
What are these chapters? I have decided to relate the story of Moo Cow in ~24 page chapters (including covers).
Why is it called moocomic.com? Since all variations of Moo Cow were taken. I managed to buy that domain, so I went a branded everything with it.
Why are you missing ______? I tried to be somewhat thorough. Let me know if there is something important I have left out (I'll add commenting eventually).
What's with this BOOM thing? Is it a gimmick? Nope. Read the secret origin below.
How do you produce such horrible ___work? I am preparing a document to describe the process. It will probably end up being a 'What Not To Do' manual.

Secret Origin of moocomic.com

moocomic.com is my third or fourth attempt at telling the story of Moo Cow.
It is a really dumb, uninteresting story, so I hope you (henceforth known as 'the Reader') enjoy it.
Form 1 - Stripping
moocomic.com began a long time ago (a time henceforth known as 'University'). During freshmen year, I decided to make a comic strip for the school newspaper.
Being a paper, it was designed as a comic strip. Since it was to be an action comic, I decided that it needed a lot of explosions. Hence the invention of BOOM.
In fact, back then the whole story was based around it, since there was a BOOM in every strip.
Unfortunately, this fell through.
Form 4 - Stripping on the Web
So after a period of time, the strip wanted to return. Seeing how fashionable 3x a week series were, this was to be my format.
Since each weeks worth of strips would equate to one page, I had changed the BOOM requirement to a BOOM a page.
However, this format did not seem to work well when used to tell a story, since it was incredibly slow (like some small children).
Form 5 - WebComic Book
In an effort to help the Reader, I decided to change it from three strips a week into three pages a week.
Since I had changed the BOOMs to weekly for the previous form, I decided to continue along those lines.
The Beginning